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The history behind The Little Blue Jay...

children haircut
child haircut
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This shop is not a chain, a franchise or owned by a large corporate parent. As a small, family-owned business we are proud to live and work alongside those who support us every day. Though we opened our doors in 2019, the history and inspiration for this establishment can be traced back nearly 100 years:


After serving in World War II David R. McGee attended barber school in Atlanta in 1949. Shortly thereafter he began working at the Blue J Barbershop on Wynnton Road in Columbus, Georgia. For almost 60 years Dave served his community with more than a haircut and a shave—he was a caring, loyal man with strong values who undoubtedly was a role model for all he met.  His energy and personality was the very essence that made the barbershop what it was, and when he passed in 2006 the Blue J didn’t just lose its owner—it too lost its heart and soul and closed shortly thereafter.


More than a decade later Dave’s granddaughter, uninspired with her own children’s haircut experiences, decided to venture into the barbershop business herself. With a new location and a reimagined focus, The Little Blue Jay aspires to have the same success that the original Blue J had on Wynnton Road—to keep families coming back for generations by providing a great experience and building real, lasting relationships throughout the community.

kids salon
Kids Haircut Georgia
Kids Haircut
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